A Street Bar Named Desire

A Street Bar Named Desire

We went to A Street Bar Named Desire for dinner after cocktails at Saigon Suzy next door. Apparently this place is popular, every table was booked, luckily we were early and used a table that was only booked from 8pm. Who knew we would only last about 30min anyway.

The decor was minimal but sleek. There was a hanging garden upstairs which was cool and the bar downstairs was visually appealing. The bar upstairs was packed; I suppose this was due to the fully booked tables.

We ordered tapas – cheese and chorizo croquettes, “Sibah” (Palestinian pita street food), fried artichoke hearts, fried olives and pork skewers. The food arrived 5min after ordering and this should have been a good signal to us as to what we were about to taste. We were severely disappointed. The food had way too much taste, if that makes any sense. The strong tastes were not good at all. The artichokes tasted oily, the pork tasted very processed and not like pork, the olives were even too strong tasting (I have no clue why), the croquettes had the strongest cheese I have ever had and the “Sibah” wasn’t great either. So an all-round fail for us on the food.

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Maybe this is a drinks kind of place, I can’t say because we only had water and some kind of honey tequila (I prefer the normal tequila). So this was not one of our favourites. I would give it a 5/10. Pass! However, it was so busy so they obviously must be doing something right that we missed.

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