Mozamboogy 2018

Mozamboogy 2018

What an amazing Mozamboogy 2018 it was! We chilled on the beach, watched the moon rise in all its magnificence and then watched it set and then watched the sun rise over the beach and set over the lake and not forgetting the awe inspiring eclipse and blood moon. Ponta Molangane has never been that bright and beautiful at night any of the four years I have been. We did have a bit of wind to contend with on the beach however this did not stop us from watching the waves and moon for hours at a time. Pure beauty at its finest.

The village with the amazing food, the friendly people and the shopping were all on point as usual. We visited the new “Crab Shack” (great peri-peri chicken). We went to our regular spot, “Come to See” restaurant (prawn rissoles were to die for and yummy chicken as well as the baracuda) and then Paulo’s for the most amazing braai’d prawns. Suzy’s Afro Bar was always an amazing “halfwayish” point for the long walk from Rondawel K to the village. R&Rs, 2M’s and tequilas all around and not forgetting the banging beats that we danced to, a bit of rock, a bit of pop and some Alanis Morissette in between. The music is always a welcomed changed from the party music. While shopping I managed to pick up a rainbow hippy pants and a customized jewelery box saying Mozamboogy 2018. Not forgetting at least 5 bracelets from the persistent kids and guys(great sales people). All 3 times to the village was such an adventure with the greatest friends. So many laughs and so much fun.

Now for the important part…the Mozamboogy party.

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all the organizers, DJ’s and staff. It really was a great event and there must have been a lot of effort put in. Unfortunately if I had to compare my 4 Mozamboogies I think I would have to admit that this one had a few things that were a lot better in previous years.

Lighting – There was none really. We had all our outfits planned and there were no UV lights. This is probably the most important thing when it comes to lighting at a psytrance festival and there just wasn’t any. I eventually found one upstairs under the DJ box, not too sure if it was doing much good there. Next most important thing is video mapping(I think thats what it is called). Usually the lights every night change and create a whole new feel on the decor but this was non existent. No lazers, no smoke, nothing to write home about. This year they decided to put lights at the front of the dance floor which shine into your eyes, I’ve always thought this was a bad idea from past experience. There was also just no normal lighting to see where one was going or to take pics, it made life a little difficult. Everyone started to literally wrap themselves in every light they brought with them, including fairy lights. I even saw someone hang his torch from his wrist while he danced. This was even more difficult on the eyes and brain. Moving, flashy lights everywhere out of complete darkness…you can just imagine.

Decor- Wowee did we miss that octopus, last year I thought it was getting stale but I would have thought that if it was changed then it would be changed to something different…but not nothing at all. I would beg to have the octopus back. The side panel decor was the same as last year and a few years back I think, as much as I love the angry mushroom and stingray…change is always good. The decor is always the highlight of my party but there just wasn’t really anything that caused amazing visuals on either dance floor. The lineup boards seemed to have been done hastily on chalk boards near the food stand and bar, not visually appealing at all. I love when I have seen fancy line up boards at other festivals, I have seen lineup boards, sun dials, glitter etc, these boards can look amazing.

Chill area – there was one with woven mats and one or two not so exciting psy art pics. Didn’t look comfy at all. We spent a lot of time chilling on our patio instead.

Music – I must admit, we didn’t spend a lot of time on the dance floor due to lack of the wow factor however I did catch a few amazing sets. Gareth Watson – Obsessive Progressive at 9am on Saturday morning was amazing and Manifesto on Saturday night on the beach floor was great. I also believe Craig P rocked the beach floor on Sat midday but I missed it. All the DJ’s at the closing party were amazing(Stefan de Beer, Craig P, Mantra and Dugga, Gwen C and i cant remember the other names), this was the highlight of our entire party, we danced non-stop and made up for the lost time during the weekend. I actually wish there was a 3rd floor designated for Progressive Psy and Psy Tech because at night we often felt that the beach was too much hitech and upstairs was just a few bpm slow for us. The solution for us was to sit in the scuba club deck and get half and half from both dance floors. The daytime sets were great, I just wish they would add more progressive music in the afternoons and start the hitech after 10pm or so. Hitech from like 6:30pm was a little rough. Our days were spent at the village or beach so I think we missed a lot of good sets (perhaps a rookie error but the village and beach were amazing too).

Here are two of the mixes I enjoyed…

Despite the downs we still made it work for us and had a great time. We danced, laughed, made friends, stayed friends, became better friends, we ate (loved the boerie on pao roll from the food truck for brekkie), we drank (nothing like a 2M for brekkie and an R&R all day long), we had the most interesting conversations between ourselves and with absolute strangers. As I always say, Mozamboogy is not just about the party, its about the entire experience and what fabulous experience it was.

A year or two ago Mozamboogy was rated Top 10 in the world and I completely agreed with that, I am hoping that when I go back in 2 years that Mozamboogy is back to it’s high standards that I love so much. (Yes…2 years, I always do two years and then have a break for a year to do something different)

In the defense of the the production team I hear that the lighting guy let the team down last minute, I hope theres a better plan and back up plan next year 🙂

And that’s a wrap on my first official blog post. I apologize if it sounds like a bit of a whinge but I think honesty will always be the theme of my blog posts (if you know me personally then you will know I always call a spade a spade).

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Great post D, have to agree with regards to the production, certainly not as spectacular as previous boogies! Still had an amazing time with our friends 🙂

What a great post D! Really sorry that life got in the way and on no 99 had to cancel our trip. I’m looking forward to seeing more blogs from you. Knowing you call a spade a spade! Love that about you. Keep it up! 😉

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